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Felicity Moss, Sacred Sound Practitioner


I have loved music my whole life. Several years ago I was introduced to an organic drumming circle at my church. Little did I know, that I would experience a very deep awakening within my soul, a deeper connection with the Divine, and a strong desire to explore sound.  As a result of that soul urge, I now use many different Sacred Sound instruments that have called me over the years, as I have been developing my passion for sound and how it awakens and restores our bodies on all levels.

I have been led to use multiple instruments, as everyone's personal frequency resonates individually to different sound vibrations. By allowing my clients to experience different instruments and sounds, they leave with a gift of a personal connection with Universal Source.  

The instrumental sounds I work with are from the Angel Harp, Native American Flute and Drum, the Ocean Drum, the Mojo Drum, Koshi Chimes, Gong, Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowls, and Crystal Bowls.

I am a Healing Sound Ambassador with ISTA (Internal Sound Therapy Association) and Certified Intuitive Channel through Living in the Light Program. That being said, I feel my true credentials are my internal heart connection that allows me to just play what I feel as a facilitator of Universal Love, the Divine.


The innate intelligence of the body-mind-spirit is always seeking balance and harmony. Where there is harmony there is no dis-ease.


As a willing facilitator of the Divine through Sacred Sound, I am assisting you with your transformation. I just trust that Sound "knows" where to go and what to do. The Divine is the director and I am the instrument.  My instruments led me to my passion…….


       Services Offered:  

  • Group Sacred Sound Meditation     $15  (See calendar for dates)

  • Sound Healing Session:  

  • $1.25 a minute with a 20 minute minimum!

  • 30 Minutes  $  37.50  

  • One Hour     $ 75 (With Infrared Bio mat add $15 per half hour).

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