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      Nala 10/09/2010 - 05/23/2024



Our beautiful, joyful companion crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on May 23, 2024. 


Nala came to be part of our family around Christmas of 2010. We rescued her from the shelter, where she was with her 4 other siblings. She was the only white one, where her other siblings were brown and black in color. She stood so quietly looking at us from her kennel.

We immediately connected with her and brought her home with us. 

Little did we know at the time how special she was and the impact on not only our lives but the lives of so many others.

On her very first Christmas with us we were amazed at how she knew what present under the tree was hers and then proceeded to stick her nose in the bag and pull out her gifts!! She did this every Christmas without fail!

She learned to recycle our plastics and cardboard and would gladly take them and put them in the recycle bin! Of course, she would get a treat for doing so! She was very proud of her ability to do this!

When we moved to the mountains of Blairsville, GA, we all found our place to call home! She so loved her property here as did we! She would sit on the knoll and oversee her kingdom with such joy and content on her face!

She loved to greet everyone that came to Inner Awakenings and be part of our group events. She would go around and greet each person individually.

We are so grateful to have cared for her and know that she brought so much joy, laughter and healing to us all!

She touched so many lives!

She now continues to be a very strong presence on the property along with our beloved Magic Man!

Thank you to all reached out to our family. The overwhelming response Nala received filled our hearts with so much love and gratitude! She lived a life filled with abundant love!

Our animal companions are here to teach us unconditional love and to live in joy and play!! May we learn from these higher beings of love!

Nala in Labyrinth

Our Angel



Overseeing  the Property

Forever companion

Loved to play!

Oh that Smile!

Loved her home!

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