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The Healing Drum

Awakening With The Spirit Of The Drum

Shamanic Drum Making  

Each of us has our own unique heart song, energy, and vibration. As we continue to awaken many of us are called to the beautiful sounds of the drum.


Together in a workshop we create 16 inch frame drums in your choice of deer, elk, or horse.

We connect to our drums and their energies through rhythms, songs, and Shamanic ceremony discovering more about our highest truth and our gifts of healing for ourselves and others.


We also learn how to give and receive sound and energy healing with the drum.

New drummers welcome. Everything will be provided.

Custom made crystal drum beater included.

Allison Summers is a Sacred Sound Practitioner with the International Sound Therapy

Association & Shamanic Practitioner in the Atlanta area. She offers shamanic energy healing, light language, sound therapy sessions, and is a meditation & workshop facilitator. SoulRhythmsJourney

The Drum Workshop is $300. A deposit is required upon registration of $125($150 for Buffalo).

Please indicate your drum preference; Deer, Elk, Horse or Buffalo ($25 more).

Balance due on the first day of class.

Create and play your own sacred drum. Each of us has our own sacred

“heart song”. Explore the ways of shamanic drumming for meditation 

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