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February 12, 2023

3:00pm – 4:30pm

Cost $55

Hello, beautiful souls!

Stephanie and Katerina are here and we are excited to invite you to experience our first Reiki Sound Healing this year.

During this relaxing hour and a half journey, Stephanie will use crystal and Tibetan bowls, flute, tuning forks, chimes and gongs ( and maybe even her beautiful voice) to emit powerful healing waves and frequencies to your body while Katerina uses a combination of hands-on gentle touch and hands-off (hovering) to channel Universal healing energy from the Source into your body. This energy is intelligent and knows where to go for the most profound healing.

Each individual’s experience of Reiki and Sound Healing is unique, and there’s definitely no right or wrong way to experience it. You might see color, words, and/or images. You might get intuitive hits, inspiration, and creative ideas. You might have an emotional release like crying afterwards, or the next day. Or maybe you just feel super relaxed. Maybe you fall asleep.

Please ARRIVE 15 MINUTES EARLY to secure your space, bring your journal, yoga mats/blankets, sleeping mask and wear comfortable clothes.

The space is limited to 9 participants. Please book in advance.

To book, call Karen at (706) 374-0528.


We are very excited to see you on February 12 at 3pm!

You are going to LOVE it!!!!

Where: Inner Awakenings, 1650 Tate Rd, Blairsville, GA 30512 Phone: 706-374-0528

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Stephanie Winters

Katarina Velichkina

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