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Intuitive / Channeled Readings

Inner Awakenings is proud to support and offer the services of individuals blessed with the gift of intuition and channeling who are committed to serving with integrity, compassion and love.

They will connect with your higher self and guides to give the highest spiritual insight to assist you on your journey.

Please call ahead if you wish to schedule an appointment for a reading.


Vicki Wagoner will be taking appointments.

If you wish to schedule an appointment please call 706-374-0528


Confirmation of understanding and trust in yourself comes in many forms.


I assist you to understand your journey from a supportive and spiritual perspective. Lessons of our past are the stepping stones that have guided us to our present.


I offer information, guidance and support that can assist you to shift your perspective of the past events, beliefs and people who have influenced you and your life story.

Messages received will offer understanding from your own inner wisdom, as well as from loved ones and sometimes animal friends on the other side.


Love, understanding, forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves and others is an integral part of our life’s experience… all part of the lessons we are here to learn and grow from.


Together, you and I will co-create possibilities, choices, options, and an improved focus on personal growth and expanded awareness.

* 1hour session $85 (digitally recorded and emailed)

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