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Sara Cerny

It Will Remember You

Open Heart  Expression and Healing

Sara is an energetic healer and artist who uses light, energy, texture and color to create art and facilitate HeArt Centered Art classes by opening our hearts through intuitive expression and play.

She also uses art as an energetic healing modality in individual sessions she calls HeArt Healing. In a HeArt Healing session the healing power of light, energy, color, and texture is incorporated into a unique experience that results in an individual work of art that is created for you.  

Sara channels the Language of LIght.  The Language of Light or “Language of Love” is Universal.  Our hearts speak it fluently.  As humans it bypasses our busy mind and opens our heart allowing us to more fully align to our soulfullness and remember the truth of who we are.


A Light Language Session is like a breath of Hope & Love reminding us that All is Well.  It opens our heart to receive messages and inner wisdom too.  The Language is a direct bridge to message, love and compassion with us....for us.

Sara speaks, signs, writes and paints the Language of Light. She may also use Reiki, Polarity Balancing, Crystal Healing and Shamanic Healing Modalities during Light Healing Sessions.   


'Your Open Heart Remembers the Truth of Who You Are'

Services Offered:

Light Healing 

$80 45 min-1 hour


HeArt Healing

$10 supplies cost + $1 per minute.  (Sessions last at least 45 minutes)

Painting By HeArt with Sara Cerny

Open HeArt Workshops 

Experience not required!  

All supplies provided.

Guests bring an Open Heart and Desire to Play.


I use Light Energy, Texture (flowers, herb, salts, etc), and Color to create Art and facilitate Art classes  that open your heart through intuitive expression and Play!">



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