Testimonials for Intuitive Energy Healing with Marie!


"I have been blessed to have Marie in my life for about 7 years, during which time she has worked on me both long distance and ‘hands on’.  Each experience has been unique, as I believe we receive what we are meant to have, and what we can process at that particular time. The first time Marie worked on me, I was in the hospital and I had been diagnosed with a tumor, which she worked on and to this day I don’t have that tumor.  I now have other health issues which she is helping me with and I can honestly say I feel so much better.  It is a wonderful experience to have Marie work on you – I have seen so much and have grown so much. I see colors, my Angels, my guides – all of this facilitated by this blessed woman. I would absolutely recommend Marie’s work to anyone in need – both emotionally & physically."

Barbara - Atlanta

"When my husband was in ICU after having open heart surgery, Marie provided mini-reiki sessions right there in the hospital. As my husband awoke in the ICU, Marie's calming energy surrounded him. I believe that her healing energy helped him to a quicker and stronger recovery.
Thank you, Marie. We give you our heartfelt gratitude."

Helen - Tennessee

"When I had my surgery Marie worked on me. The nurses were amazed at how quickly I came to in recovery. I was very coherent and not sluggish at all. I felt like I hadn't even been put under, remembered my ride home which was an hour away. My first surgery was a blur to me and certainly didn't remember the ride home. I was totally amazed the difference with you working on me during my second surgery. I Highly recommend Marie"s healing abilities, she is a gift from God. I live in Maine and benefit from each healing she has done on me. Thank you so much, and much love."

Pam - Maine

Marie Komlos

I am a 2nd generation natural intuitive empath healer passed to me from my grandmothers lineage.  She was a powerful psychic and healer.

I have always had compassion for mankind and a desire to use my healing gifts to serve although I've spent most of my life as a Master Pastry Chef.

I have three children whom are all gifted, each are uniquely blessed with their own gifts.

My gifts are my passion and I am truly blessed to be able to communicate with the angelic realm who surround me. I have the ability to sense 'where the pain is' and have successfully assisted patients prior to and during surgery to enhance recovery time.


I offer healing services in person and remotely.


I have been blessed to be able to heal on contact during emergency situations.

In great need I can see inside a person and explain it to a doctor-It saved my mother's life!

I am truly looking forward to serving you on your wonderful journey in this life with deep compassion for your needs.

We are all unique and all here for a purpose. We are all of light and can help to heal each other on our special journeys.


Each and everyday is a special present! Enjoy it to the fullest!

Services offered:

Intuitive Energy Healing with crystals       $60 Hour / $40 Half Hour

Reiki Healing                                                              $60 Hour / $40 Half Hour

"Long Distance" Healing  (available when not present. Call to request & for pricing)

Raindrop Aromatherapy Technique             $70 Session