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The Inner Awakenings Labyrinth


The Inner Awakenings Labyrinth was birthed in sacred space on June 6, 2016 on the New Moon.   The Heart Shape 7 Circuit Labyrinth was designed by Kady Morgan. 


For thousands of years, human beings have created the spiral paths that fold back on themselves and have been used as a spiritual tool for meditation and inspiration and healing. It calms the mind and can give insight when you are in the throes of lifes struggles or transitions.

Walking the Labyrinth is generally done by standing at the entrance and centering yourself and acknowledging your spiritual journey you are about to take as you begin your walk, releasing what no longer serves you. As you slowly walk the spirals of the labyrinth you will reach the center where you can stand/sit and meditate for as long as you need.


Upon leaving the center you will continue your walk out and receiving all that you would like to bring forward for yourself.  As you exit, turn and express gratitude for this gift!

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"As we walk, all of our ancestors walk with us. As we dance, all of our ancestors dance the Sacred Dance. Each step that we place is an important one. All of our relatives are walking with us, speaking through us like the many colors of the rainbow.


Listen, and you will hear their steps, their voices, their colors. Listen, and you will hear your spirit calling upon all our relations, and you will feel their energy.

Walking on the Wind, ©1998, by Michael Garrett.

                                           The Story of the Labyrinth


My vision for creating Inner Awakenings always included a walking labyrinth on the property. I found out quickly how Spirit was conspiring to bring it to life!

During our building phase, Sally Parsons, Owner of The Holly Springs Herb Shop and Healing Center, called to say that Holly Springs downtown renovation and expansion was going to create a parking lot where her labyrinth was currently located.  In an effort to preserve the spirit of this amazing labyrinth, she asked me if I would like to take the stones from her labyrinth to reset here on my property.  I was overjoyed to be able to re-purpose them to be used here at Inner Awakenings.

I was in the process of attempting to relocate the stones myself one trip at a time when a gentleman, Rick Waits, came to her shop and heard what was happening to the labyrinth and my challenge to relocate all the stones.  He said that he would be happy to pick up all the rocks and deliver them here to Blairsville, an hour and a half away!

I had never met Rick and was honored that someone would do this for a perfect stranger. The day of the delivery I met Rick and his wife Susan for the very first time. He was so gracious and would not accept payment for his efforts.  He was very insistent about it!  

As we talked, Rick and Susan shared the story of a very special dog named Wulfie who had passed 2 years earlier.   As Rick described the generous heart of this amazing animal, who touched their lives so deeply, I realized that there was something I could offer in gratitude for HIS generosity.  We agreed that a stone would be selected and placed in the labyrinth in honor of his beloved companion.

So the date was set for the labyrinth to be re-birthed on the land at Inner Awakenings, June 6, 2016!  Kady Morgan graciously offered to help and created a heart shaped 7 circuit design for our labyrinth.  We opened sacred space and Kady, Sara Cerny and I worked tirelessly with the spirit of the labyrinth to place every stone in its’ own perfect place. 

While moving the stones, I found one that I knew was ‘Wulfie’s Stone’.  I was guided to place it at the top of the heart in the labyrinth.  Perfect!  

Once the labyrinth was completed, we held ceremony in gratitude for this journey and the sacred space within its’ boundaries.

I sent Rick a photo of the labyrinth and the stone that was placed to honor Wulfie.  As Rick was responding to my message, I felt a huge burst of unconditional love.  I know this was Wulfie communicating his gratitude too!  It was the most beautiful feeling and overwhelmed me so much that I sobbed uncontrollably. What a gift from a beloved animal!

Rick brought more stones with him to our Grand Opening Celebration, July 2nd, 2016.  As you can see in the picture titled, ‘The Anchor Stone,’ there is now a large stone at the entrance that represents Wulfie guarding the entrance to the labyrinth! 

We have included Rick’s letter to Wulfie below.  Once you read it, you will understand why he has become the Guardian of the Labyrinth and holds unconditional love, protection and joy for everyone that chooses to walk.

I offer my gratitude and love for every step of the amazing journey with Spirit and everyone who was brought together to create this amazing Labyrinth at Inner Awakenings. 




Special P.S.

August, 2016, Rick gifted us with a beautiful hand made wind chime that hangs from the Black Walnut Tree near the Labyrinth.

April 20, 2017, we noticed how the roots around the Black Walnut Tree have formed a Heart just below the Wind Chime.

Love Keeps Growing at Inner Awakenings !

'Wulfie's Stone'

'The Anchor Stone'


'Wulfie's Wind Chime' 

'Wulfie's Heart' 4.20.17

Wulfie, our beloved big lovable boy

10/22/2003 - 2/8/2013      

Godspeed Rock star, Braveheart, Big Black, Flipflop


Dear Wulfie,

You lived LARGE, were fully engaged in life, and were content and confident in ways that shouted joy, happiness and wisdom. You were always in motion, guided by our mutual love, devotion and gratitude. You were armed with love of life and faith in Your Momma and Daddy.


Your gentle behavior and regal appearance were mere indications of Your vast dignity, and Your courage and attitude in sickness showed Your profound strength of character. Your majestic trot and gait displayed drive, strength, and elegance, as well as loyalty and desire to please.

When You would run from afar, as You began, Your elegant body moved gracefully and silently; then hearing Your breath and paws as You approached, I was awestruck every time.


Your sense of humor was so fun. We loved Your "Butt Spin," “Face Pawing,” “Toy Shaky,” and “Squeaky Playing.” Your special way of playing ball, hiding favorite things, and rearranging our closets showed Your quest for simple enjoyment.

Thanks for contentedly sitting with me for hours....You knew it was good therapy for me. We were and are present to each other. You expressed faith in me in an incredibly riveting way.


The Angel statue on the hill at your favorite place is symbolic of Protective Oversight and Love You gave and give. The Wind chimes with sails in Your Image are small indications of Your enchantment.

Wulfie Earth is a school and You are Our teacher. Our loves were patterns each of us used to learn definitively what LOVE is.
I am so grateful for the assistance you provided to the evolvement of my soul.
Wulfie – Thank you for being my Guardian of Being past, present and future. You are the Best.

I Lover You Berry Mush, Daddy
PS.: As in the Brooks and Dunn song, “Aint nothin’ ‘bout You that don’t do somethin’ for Me.”

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