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Whale & Dolphin Energy
Light Medicine

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The Whales and Dolphins seek to connect with us to remind us of our true authentic selves. We are powerful beings of Light and at this time in earth's evolution these beautiful beings are assisting humanity to evolve into and choose a higher state of consciousness.

The Whales are our Elders and are the Ancient Stewards for Humanity! They are reminding us of the wisdom teachings they have to offer us and accelerating our desires to claim a more peaceful, joyful life and abundant health and prosperity! We are the Ones we have been waiting for! It is time to step up and claim our Divine Birthright!

The Whales say, in our remembrance of who we are we, will begin to take back the conscious control of our environment and realize we are not victims! We are sovereign beings and we are the creators of our reality!

So the whales help us by recalibrating our DNA and bringing forth gifts and healings from other lifetimes that will support our evolution and mission in this lifetime! They hold our past and our memories! We have the ability through a Whale Healing & Clearing Session and Light Body Activations to help you initiate many templates of Light Body Activation that will change the way you live and express yourself! If you are ready to access your full potential, the Whales say just ask and we will support you! "The vibration of the planet is changing Dear Ones and it is time for you to change it!". "Together we can change the World!"

The Dolphins


The Dolphins are Ascended Beings of Joy and Love and are Emissaries of Light. They willingly offered to come here to the oceans of planet Earth at this time

to be Ambassadors of Joy for Humanity!  They are here to remind us to Play More too!

They also Recalibrate our DNA and assist us like the whales to remind us who we truly are! They are here playing a pivotal role in moving us forward and offer healing and love!

Dolphins live in pods and cooperative social groups. They demonstrate selflessness and care for the entire pod showing us to live and share in community and care for each other. They represent strong moral convictions and self-confidence, reminding us to speak our truth and stand our ground rather than hide our true selves.

Sessions with the Whales & Dolphins

During a Whale and Dolphin Energy Light Medicine Session you will:

  • View a PowerPoint Presentation to learn about the wisdom teachings of the 'Cetaceans' who are the Whales and Dolphins.

  • Participate in a Water Blessing

  • Participate in a 30 minute Meditation

  • Receive a personal message from them

The sessions will last approximately from 1 1/ 2 hours- $111

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Karen Wilkins is now taking appointments .

Call 706-374-0528 to schedule your appointment!

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