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Meet Karen Wilkins, LMT - Owner "Inner Awakenings"

Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master

I grew up on Long Island, New York along with four other brothers and sisters. I now reside in Blairsville, Georgia. I am a mother of three children and share my life with my husband and our children and grandchildren.

I have always been drawn to and feel connected to metaphysical and alternative healing as well as the Native American way of life. It became more and more important to me as part of my personal growth to seek out these areas and to delve deeper into these avenues which have become an integral part of my spiritual journey.

While living in Southern California, I was introduced to the healing energy of Reiki. It has had a profound effect on my life. It is the basis for all of my healing work. Through energy work we can find peace, relaxation and healing on all levels; emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. 


After living in California for 18 years, my family and I moved to the Greenville area of South Carolina. There I was led to enter Massage School and became a Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist. I have furthered my studies to include Lomi Lomi massage, Polarity Balancing, Reflexology, Rising Star, Prema Agni Healing, Tuning fork Sound Therapy, Crystal healing, Aromatherapy and more. I have been working in this field for 15 years now.  This work has been my passion - it brings me great joy!

My journey has given me the opportunity to meet some very wonderful people and together we all support each other in our journeys. It is because of my love for my work that I am excited to share this with others.

So, I invite you to meet with me.  I am honored to work with you on your journey towards a life of peace, harmony, happiness and health. It is time to awaken to the Truth of Who You Are! You are a Divine and Powerful Being! Step into your power today! Shine your light!

Blessings and Namasté,



GA Lic# MT000544

                                            One SMALL STEP ON MY HEALING PATH


                                                         By Karen Wilkins, Owner



Life is a process of remembering. We are Divinely Blessed beings here to experience love and to be loved. This is all that matters. I am reminded from a Spiritual Master, this statement. “Love is the answer, now what is the question?”

We are an expression of our Loving Creator. Each of our paths is no more important than another’s. We don’t have to do things on a grand scale. Actually the simplest of the ways we do things can bring us the greatest gifts.

I am experiencing my life in part through my work in the healing path. I was not aware of this until my later years. When I look back on my life I see all the small instances that have been transpiring or should I say “conspiring”, leading me to my work and the spiritual walk I am on. It has brought me great joy and much gratitude! To be of service to others is one of the highest callings. I humbly step into this role and accept the guidance from Spirit to serve her/him.

I am continually guided to learning opportunities to be of better service for others.

One part of my journey has moved me to utilize energy based techniques in my healing work for the benefit of myself as well as those I serve. One particular study was the knowledge of Polarity Balancing Therapy. Working with this energy has changed how I approach my healing work. Polarity Therapy affects the five elements; Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. This is based on the Ayervedic Medicine theories. When we are out of balance, polarity techniques can be used to reconnect our energy systems to work in a more efficient manner. This allows our bodies to begin its healing process. We are more at ease and at peace with ourselves.

I am truly grateful to Dr. Randolph Stone, the creator of Polarity Balancing. His work plays an integral part in bringing balance and well-being to our bodies on all levels. Not just physically, but spiritually, emotionally and mentally. It works at a deep level and yet it is very subtle. Each experience is different and is structured to enhance that particular session addressing the issues at hand.

We realize we are complex beings. Many times the issue at hand is a result of deep seated issues. Those layers must be healed first in order to allow the physical complaint to be released from the body. We also must remember that is it our personal responsibility to do the work. Others can help to assist us but ultimately it is our responsibility to ourselves to achieve what we want for our highest good.

So take the time for yourself and go within and seek out what fills your Spirit with Joy and Light. Fill yourself up with love and light and may you then be a beacon of Light and Love for all the world to see!

Remember. Your Life is a Sacred Journey and you are on the Path! You are exactly where you are meant to be! Enjoy the Journey; it is yours and yours alone!

                                                                                                Namaste!   Karen

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