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'As Above….So Below'

This painting was created specifically for Inner Awakenings by Sara Cerny with Light, Energy, Texture, and Color.

The texture includes sawdust from the remodeling of the barn, soil from the vegetable garden, soil and dried flowers from the wildflower garden, sage oil, water, breath and nag champa ash.

The design was guided by channel in sacred space and represents the flow of divine love surrounding this beautiful retreat and the healing energy of the land.  

The colors of blue, green, magenta, and violet were integrated with iridescence to symbolize the Light within.

Beings of Light and Archetypes added frequencies of Light through the colors, textures, and Language of LIght Symbols inbedded in this piece. 

Archangel Michael – Blue/Fire Element -Protection and Faith

Archangel Raphael – Green/Air Element – Healing Light

Archangel Gabriel – Water Element - Communication and Creativity

Archangel Uriel/ Elementals/Devas – Earth Element – Grounding & Wisdom

Archangel Chamuel – Magenta – Peace and Divine Love

Archangel Zadkiel/St. Germain/Violet Flame Angels – Violet - The Violet Flame of Infinite Love and Transmutation

We hope you'll enjoy experiencing the frequency of 'As Above So Below' when you visit Inner Awakenings.


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