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Anna Palmer, RN



2:00PM - 3:30PM


Most of us are aware of family patterns and personal habits that seem doomed to be repeated. Making real changes feels like an endless effort without lasting results.

The ReUnion Process assists us to uncover the stories we are telling ourselves. These stories often act as a basis for unwanted, repetitive patterns in our lives.

Stored in the subconscious mind, stories may be from our own experience, our ancestors' experience, or carried as the result of belonging to certain groups or 'tribes'. Uncovering and telling these stories relieves them of the power to affect our thoughts and actions in our daily lives.

With ReUnion, real change becomes effortless. We can fulfill our lives based on OUR choices and desires, rather than subjected to the whims of fate.

The ReUnion Process was developed by Peter Scupham of Dunwoody. It is built upon the kinesiology work of Alan Beardall and George Goodhart. It applies resonance testing, hand mudras and a system of files to direct our attention to, and to facilitate the resolution of our inner stories.

This is a powerful event! You will be shifted by the experience! The Group energy is more powerful! Together we support each other and heal!

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