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Evolutionary Path Astrology Readings 

Astrology can be a tool to use to discover 

your life's path here on our planet. Although astrology does not cause things to happen, it can be an intuitive guide for your soul in your life journey. 

Your astrology chart is personal to you. On the day you were born a guide was written in the stars. 

I have a certification in Evolutionary Astrology and I have studied many different facets of Astrology extensively. 

To provide an accurate reading, I will need prior to our visit together the following: 

1 Your Date of Birth

2 Your Time of Birth

3 Your Year of Birth 

4 Your Place of Birth


If you do not know all of these elements I can not provide an accurate 

reading for you. We will meet for a half-hour session and you will receive a written guide to take with you. 

Mary Dickinson 


Mary Dickinson will be taking appointments. If you wish to schedule an appointment please call 706-374-0528

Astrology Consultations

  $125      30  Minute Consultation with written astrology report




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