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We will be offering several different types of Meditations here at Inner Awakenings as we continue to evolve and bring different styles to suit individual needs and likes.

Here are some meditation styles that are currently offered at Inner Awakenings.

Check our calendar for scheduled Meditations.

Sacred Sound Bath Meditation

Felicity Moss

Experience Holistic Harmony as a unique selection of magical and enchanting Sacred Sounds are woven together, allowing you to enter in to a deep state of relaxation.


With an open heart, Felicity Moss will facilitate divine love energy by way of the Sacred Sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, Native American flute and drum, the Angelic Harp, chimes, gong and Moyo drum to assist your energetic body back to its natural state of rhythm and harmony. 

It will be individual experiences with no expectation of how anything should be.


You will leave energized and at peace.


Bring blanket, yoga mat, and or pillows for your comfort!

Heart Based Meditation

Anna Palmer, RN

Heart Based Meditation calms the nervous system and brings your focus into the Heart. Once peace and serenity are stabilized in the heart chakra,these qualities will be enhanced in your daily life.


Developed by Dr. Paul Dugiss of New World Ayurveda, Heart Based Meditation is a tool for developing human consciousness, stabilizing the nervous system and for peaceful daily living. It uses a  'sing song' mantra to facilitate letting go of anxieties, repetitive thoughts and nervous system trauma.


It is easy to learn and to adapt into your daily routine. It's beauty and power are enhanced by group practice.


This meditation is facilitated by Anna Palmer, RN

Please bring a blanket, yoga mat and or pillow for your comfort!

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