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Tammy Billups

Discover and Connect with your Animal Totem

Sunday, November 12, 2017

1:30PM- 4:30 PM


Call to Pre-Register

(706) 374-0528

Our animal kin speak to our hearts and souls to guide and instruct our personal paths in life… always giving us messages. Animal Totems are not only symbols, but a way of life… a way of keeping us connected to the source of our good.

Animals emanate the breath of our lives by showing us certain qualities and behaviors that we should, or are, emulating somewhere in our lives. Animal wisdom emits fundamental truths if we are willing to learn and understand their language.

Join Tammy Billups to learn about the three types of Animal Totems wanting to connect with you more deeply, and how you can better understand their messages. She will also take you on a journey through a meditation to connect with your Animal Spirit Totem. Nature is an amazing teacher that breathes new life into our spirit….come and learn how to connect with her many messengers.

Tammy Billups is a pioneer on the animal-human emotional and energetic relationship. She is Certified Interface Therapist (Bioenergetics), Author, Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner, Animal Energy Therapist and has facilitated thousands of sessions nationwide on both animals and the people who love them. Her findings are well-documented in her book, Beyond the Fur.

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