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Katherine Fleming, Channel & Holy Fire III Reiki Master

Services Offered:


Reiki combined with channeled messages and an assessment of the chakras 75 minutes, $85

Reiki - 45-60 minutes, $60

Channeled reading, including assessment of the chakras, messages from your spirit guides, and discovery of your spiritual gifts, past lives, and some of the reasons you incarnated at this time - 75 minutes, $85

About Katherine:


I am a Holy Fire III Reiki Master and a Channel. I began my journey as a healer 6 years ago and am now trained in a variety of healing modalities, mediumship, and channeling. After working for over 25 years in IT, I found myself exhausted, depressed, and feeling like there has to be more. Many of us don't find our way to this path until later in life, but it is never too late to have our awakenings and to start healing and growing.

Every session working with Spirit has been an adventure, and each one is completely unique!

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