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Friday, June 28-Monday, July 1st

Friday, June 28th Private Sessions 1:00-5:00pm

Friday, June 28th Divine Messages Spirit Circle 6:00pm $45

Saturday, June 29th Meet Your Birth Angels 1:00-3:00pm $55

Saturday, June 29th Private Session 10-12 & 3:30-5:50pm

Sunday, June 30th “Angelic Meditation” 11am $11.00

Sunday, June 30th Private Sessions after Noon

Monday, July 1st Private Services





Group Workshops:











Divine Message Circle, Friday, June 28th 6:00-8:00pm. Cost $45

Join this amazing circle as we explore other dimensions of the world that we share with Archangels, Guardians, Guides and loved ones who are always here with us. Learning to hear Divine Messages and working with your Angels & Guides is a profound gift! We will gather to share spiritual stories of what you may be experiencing and receive spiritual guidance and messages for YOU!


We invite you to join this exceptional Spirit Circle that will be hosted by:  International Spiritual Trance Channel Medium Rev. Judi Weaver.












Meet Your Birth Angels, Saturday, June 29th 1:00-3:00pm.

Cost $55

Get to know your Angelic Divine connection. Learn how to connect with the Archangels and Angelic forces that are influencing your life’s interests, direction, studies, and desire for spiritual knowledge. Angels are always listening and looking for an opportunity to send you a reminder that they are near. Together we will work on connecting with the Angels and Archangels and bring their divine, loving presence into all areas of life for powerful transformations.


Learn how to strengthen your intuitive powers and hear what the divine is telling you. We invite you to meet your Birth Angels and work with them each and every day. Please bring a notepad along with your date and time of birth. Hosted by:  International Spiritual Trance Channel Medium Rev. Judi Weaver.













Angelic Meditation, Sunday, June 30th 11am. Cost $11

Join us for a Spiritual Meditation where you will be guided into the Angelic Realms for clarity, insight and Divine Love energies. 

Hosted by: International Spiritual Trance Channel Medium Rev. Judi Weaver. 


Rev. Judi Weaver (Mini Bio)

Rev. Judi is an International Spiritual Trance Channel Medium, Master Metaphysician, and Shamanic Healer since the early 1990’s. She is the founder of Heart 4 Souls Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to spiritual development and healing modalities and is a published author of Guided by Your Light, and Truth Beyond.

Her educational travels are diversified: Delphi University of Spiritual Studies & Patricia Hayes School of Healing and Metaphysics; Inca School of Medicine, Cusco, Peru; and International Association of Metaphysics. She has been the designated grandmother of the Talking Stick Circle in the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, Florida since 2013. She travels with Spirit Fest USA, Body, Mind & Spirit Events and offers services virtually as she travels throughout America including Lily Dale and coordinates Spiritual Journeys to Peru. Visit:


Personal Services Offered                                                            


Divine Guidance Reading: Experience a profound connection to your higher self with this Divine Guidance Reading. In this session, you will connect with your spiritual guides who will provide you with personalized guidance and in-depth insights into your life's journey. Through a combination of intuitive wisdom and spiritual tools, you'll gain clarity and direction to navigate challenges and embrace opportunities. Book your session now and embark on a transformative spiritual experience. 30-minutes $80 or 60-Minutes $155. 



Lightworker Activation: The Lightworker Activation is a powerfully downloaded process for accessing, developing, and expanding consciousness. It offers techniques to connect with higher states of consciousness and healing energies, aiding in the growth and development of personal awareness and spiritual awakening. By learning to harness the power of the universe, one can cultivate a deeper connection to spirit and purpose and live a more fulfilling life. The Lightworker Activation provides a path towards self-mastery, allowing individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic empowerment. This is a 150-minute session that can change your life! Cost: $399

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