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Wild Women Program



Cost for the program is $560 ($90 per session) if you choose to pay in full,

or $100 per session if you choose to pay per meeting.

Deep inside you is a woman who longs to be free, wild, creative, imaginative, and appreciated for those qualities. In this 6 series program, you will learn about Wild Women Archetypes from Storyteller and Jungian Psychologist, Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Deanna Stennett will facilitate listening to Dr. Estes, and lead you in exercises, shamanic journeys, ceremony, and creative expression to awaken, nurture and grow your Wild Woman Self. 

The dates and times are:  April 8, 3023, May 13, 2023, June 10, 2023, July 8, 2023, August 12, 2023 and September 9, 2023. Each session will be 10 am to 5 pm, with an hour break for lunch, except for the last session which will be 1 pm to 9 pm with an hour break for dinner, ending that day with a ceremony. 

Cost for the program is $560 ($90 per session) if you choose to pay in full, or $100 per session if you choose to pay per meeting.

Joining the program is a commitment to yourself, the other participants and the spirits who support you. And, as each meeting builds on the previous, you will have to find a way to make it up if you must miss one, and you are still financially responsible for missed meetings.

Deanna Stennett, L.Ac, MA, is a Georgia Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner/Teacher. She trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman, Tom Cowan, Elliot Cowan and a Lakota trained shaman named Two Moons, for over 30 years. Deanna has taught eight Two-Year Training Programs in Shamanism, as well as many other workshops, including this program on Wild Women. Ms. Stennett has authored a book about her shamanic journeys to the spirits of the acupuncture points, written for the lay person, this book is available on Amazon. It is called Poetry of the Body: Stories about Acupuncture Points.

Recommended (not required) reading for this program is Women Who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

To register: Call Deanna Stennett @410-961-9033 or email You can also register at Inner Awakenings with Karen Wilkins @ 678-644-0975. Please leave your name, phone and email with your payment. 


Deanna Stennett, Acupuncturist, Reiki Master & Shamanic Healer

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