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Brit Weeks, Shaman Momma Bird

Brit Weeks, Shaman Momma Bird, has been practicing as a Reiki Master for 15
years. Reconized as a Shaman, she uses the assistance of the Christ Spirit and
bird medicine during healing sessions. Momma Bird is trained to pass down
the Munay-Ki Rites’ an initiatory practice of the shamans of the Andes and the

Her healing energy abilities surfaced during experiencing severe
PTSD, while working on an Ambulance as an EMT. She understands the
effects trauma has on us, energetically and physically. And she feels called to
help others heal through their own traumas and into wholeness.

Brit offers private energy healing sessions and group retreats. She lives in Rome, GA,
where she grew up, and is passionate about social justice within her
impoverished community. Brit enjoys writing memoirs and participating in
activities that connect her with Mother Earth.

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