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When we flow with Life we find ourselves guided to the people, places, and experiences that fill our Hearts and Souls, The Path becomes more defined. We receive abundant messages, confirmation, and harmony when we allow Life to flow. Trust and honor in ourselves provides clarity of the mind, resilience in the body, and connection to our Spirit. The journey of life is a Divine Gift. May we celebrate it with Love and Gratitude!


I started my journey into the realm of healing 20 years ago. Now, a Holy Fire® Reiki Master, I offer sessions that are both gentle and deeply healing to positively affect your entire Being. I am passionate about healing our Being on all levels of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Pure Energy, clean nourishment, immersion into nature, Conscious living, and LOVE are what it’s all about!


Release and Shine!


Let’s get connected!



Holy Fire Reiki Sessions available:


30 minutes- $45

60 minutes- $75

Call Inner Awakenings @ 706-374-0528 to schedule an appointment!

Sunday appointments available with me!


Holy Fire Reiki is a type of Reiki energy system of healing. It is a more refined energy and comes from a higher consciousness. Some of the experiences of Holy Fire Reiki can:

  • heal deeply and quickly without distress

  • heals relationships

  • releases worry

  • provides guidance of your life's experiences 

  • brings you a feeling of being deeply loved and peaceful.

A Session is done by laying on a massage table, fully clothed and the practitioner will lay on hands or work in your auric field to channel the energy from Source/Spirit. The energy will work on all levels; body, mind & spirit. Come and experience this beautiful loving  and healing energy! I will be honored to work with you!


Holy Fire III Reiki Master Practitioner

Adria Chancey

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