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Brent Glidden

BRENT GLIDDEN, Yoga Instructor


Brent Glidden is a full time student with an interest in psychology and holistic wellness.  He enjoys community involvement and is currently a mentor in the family connections program in Union County and President of Heroes, an organization that raised funds and awareness for those in need.  Among many diverse interests he love music and designs, crafts, and plays Native American Style flutes.

Throughout his life, he has been a passionate adventurer.  While his pursuits have taken him to many different mountain ranges, he found new meaning in the word adventure when he began to journey inward. 

Brent has practiced and studied Vipassana Meditation under the guidance of Goenkaji for several years.  For the last year he has been visiting the Amrit Yoga Institute where he studies the science and practice of Yoga with Yogi Dasai.

Through his experiences he has developed an interest in the psychological impact and implications of yoga, the art of cultivating a peaceful and balanced mind.

Brent continues to deepen his education, exploration and practice of Yoga and it's application in his daily life.  Experiential learning has further deepened his commitment to exploring the art of healing and self -mastery and he is devoted to sharing what he has received.

Yoga with Brent

Saturdays at 10AM - 11AM!

Class- $10 Cash Donation is requested

Amrit Yoga combines Hatha yoga (physical discipline) with raja yoga (meditative awareness).


In the practice of Amrit Yoga, postures are used simply as a tool for self-study, self-observation, and self- discovery.


This experiential process of exploring oneself can reveal truths that our self-concepts often deny, allowing for the release of tension and blockages at the physical, mental, and emotional level.


What makes Amrit Yoga unique is the powerful combination of inward focus and meditative awareness with the physical postures.


Together they work to allow us to calm the reactive habit patterns of the mind, literally creating a more balanced state of mind, body, heart and soul.

Jai Bhagwan

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