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Gaia's Hearth: Women's Circle of North Georgia September 2023 SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, 2023 AT 5 PM – 9 PM


Join us for a captivating evening of sisterhood and empowerment at our outdoor Women's Circle event! Prepare for a heart-opening experience as we embark on a Cacao Ceremony, indulging in the pure magic of this sacred plant medicine. Following the heart-opening ceremony, we'll join our wonderful co-facilitator Madisyn from the Butterfly Medicine in a joyful chorus of chanting and singing, raising our voices together in harmony, dissolving blockages through special voice activation ceremony and activation. Share your stories, dreams, and aspirations, and witness the wisdom and compassion that flows from one woman to another. It is in these moments of connection that we discover the profound strength of our collective voice. Finally, surrender your body to the rhythm of intuitive movement, where each step, sway, and gesture becomes a celebration of your unique essence. Come, Beautiful Soul, and join us on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and sisterhood. Step into the circle, connect with the elements, share your truth, and embrace the transformative power that lies within. This is your moment to shine, to embrace your divine feminine energy, and create lasting connections with women who will walk alongside you on this remarkable path of empowerment.

DRESS CODE: BLUE or WHITE CLOTHES WHAT TO BRING: blankets or folding chairs to sit on, drums, rattles or any music making instruments you feel guided to, flowers and crystals for the altar, water bottles, journals, food to share or whatever you feel guided to bring or share with the circle. TICKETS Prosperity Pass - Embrace Abundance ($85): This tier is for those who want to give a little extra and feel super abundant. Your support helps make the magic happen for everyone! Harmony Pass - Supporting All ($55): If you're looking for a middle ground that supports both you and others, this is your pass. Let's create harmony together! Kindness Pass - Share the Love ($35): We totally get that finances can be tight sometimes. This pass is for those who want to join us and spread kindness, without any worries. Please book in advance so we know how much cacao we need to prepare. BRING A WOMAN YOU LOVE - FREE OF CHARGE

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