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$10 off my services in September 2021! Call and ask for Kelsi!

Kelsi Browne

"My name is Kelsi Browne. I’ve been a licensed massage therapist for 4 and a half years. Emphasizing the caring, compassionate touch elements of massage, I strive to create a safe-container to help the individual realign with their innate wholeness. My work is slow and deliberate, with great overall depth. I help facilitate deep relaxation within the client, allowing them to rest into their parasympathetic nervous system— the state necessary for the body’s innate healing mechanisms to activate. My work combines slow, deep, myofascial release techniques with more fluid, Swedish-style strokes. My intention is to take a comprehensive approach to provide true holistic healing on the level of mind, body, heart, and soul. Sometimes the most healing approach of all is not for the practitioner to aim to change or fix, but rather to hold one in a space of unwavering unconditional regard just as one is. However, this a space in which palpable shifts are often produced from, and problem areas are addressed. A practitioner who has traversed their own capacity for presence acquires a unique ability to entrain the nervous system and consciousness of another individual to a similar steadfast level, helping bring the client in contact with the height of their own potential in every facet of their well-being." 

Services offered:

Therapeutic Massage                                  $65 Hour / $40 Half Hour

Biodynamic Cranial Touch                            $65 Hour / $40 Half Hour

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