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Mary Cenci

Emotional Healing Practitioner, Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master

904-343-3886 or 706-781-0964 Services By Phone or in person.


As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and long time student of A Course in Miracles, Mary came to learn our thoughts, beliefs and emotions set the stage for our over-all health and opened a holistic practice in 1998.


Mary's training in advanced energetic techniques has allowed her to witness amazing positive shifts, rapid emotional healing and physical pain relief. In addition to Reiki, she focuses primarily on using Spiritual Response Therapy for past life healing and clearing, Emotion Code to release trapped emotions accumulated in this life, and Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapas Acupressure Technique to quickly shift stuck beliefs and thought patterns.

When we are no longer burdened by negativity, trauma and pain we can truly enjoy our life and relationships.


On her life journey to know the Truth of Who We Are Mary also became a conscious channel, allowing spiritual beings of light and love to speak directly through her. As she accesses information from the higher planes of consciousness, she receives specific details of significant past lives and how they are currently influencing your life choices and relationships. Connecting to the Divine spiritual realms for wisdom and knowledge, Mary acts as a bridge for individuals to receive a deeply healing and transformational experience.


Emotional and Physical Energetic Healing

1 - 1 ½ hour session (call for pricing)


Past Life Connections or Channeling

1 hour Individual $175 Information recorded to flash drive

Channeled Past Life Groups - call for pricing and details!


Energetic Clearing of Home, Business or Land (call for pricing)

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