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Karen Wilkins, Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master, LMT

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  NOVEMBER 11TH & 12TH, 2023
(You must attend both days!)

    9:30AM - 6:00 PM each day

   Cost: $ 375
Facilitated by Karen Wilkins & Cynthia Campbell
($100 Deposit Req'd by October 28, 2023)
Once Deposit is rec'd, symbols/materials will be sent to you to study 2 weeks prior to class) 
You must Pre-Register by October 28, 2023!

Two spots left!

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Cynthia Campbell,

Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master

This is an opportunity to receive the Holy Fire® Reiki  Level I energy to assist you further in your spiritual quest and alignment. Once you receive the placements you will have it for the rest of your life!

In this class you will receive the transference of the Reiki energy, discover the history and uses of this beautiful energy and will learn and practice hand positions for yourself and others. You will be able to offer Reiki to family, friends and pets and become a certified practitioner!

Holy Fire® Reiki II is the next level in the Reiki initiation process, allowing a greater access to Universal energy - through a placement and teaching by the Reiki Master. During the Reiki II process, the Reiki practitioner (who has completed Reiki I) undergoes a deeper experience as the Holy Fire®Reiki  is transmitted Source to source and opens your chakras and energetic systems to allow them to access higher levels of energy. Also one is initiated to & taught space/time distance Reiki.

In this class you will receive the transference of the Reiki Symbols and learn how to draw and understand the uses of these three symbols. You will be able to send Reiki long distance for yourself and others.


You will receive a spiral bound manual and a certificate as a Holy Fire® Reiki I & II Practitioner upon completion!

Please call (706) 374-0528 to register.

Bring a JOURNAL, healthy lunch/snacks! Class is limited in size to 6 people.

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