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Reverand Patricia M. Warden is a spiritual counselor and teacher who has worked professionally both in Atlanta and the Washington DC area since 1982.  She was ordained by the Light of Christ Community and graduated from Sancta Sophia Seminary in 1986.


She has studied and presented papers on ancient wisdom, the near-death experience, and after-death communication and has taught classes in intuitive development, meditations, and numerology.  In addition, she has officiated at numerous weddings, memorial services and christenings.  She has a Second Degree Reiki Certification.

She has made pilgrimages to sacred Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatamala, and to sacred sites in Wales and England.

Services Offered:

Check Back for Classes or Call to Inquire!

See Patricia and find out what your name and birth date say about you.

Numerology is based upon the qualities in numbers as opposed to quantity, resulting in useful

information and insights about you.


What does your birthday reveal about your path?


What does the name you go by say about you? Need guidance for decision making and planning for the year ahead?


The answers are in your birthday!

Patricia Warden

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