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Brenda Staab




I have spent many years studying all things metaphysical, discovering my truth that Spirituality and Metaphysics go hand in hand which allows me the reality I have always dreamed of.  I’m living my life to the fullest, most joyful extent ever.  My intent going forward is to uplift and empower others, meaning You; seeking to engage and enlighten your heart, mind and spirit.  To Through my studies, skills and teaching abilities, I offer you the same opportunities I have had to find Unconditional Love, Truth, Harmony and Peace.


My background includes certifications and achievements in Advanced Psychic Development, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression, Power of Wisdom Emotional Relief Technique and much more.  I have been helping clients since 2004 and teaching metaphysics since 2006. 

Come experience some of the most powerful tools available to you at this time.  For full details, dates, times, location and cost go to:  Or please feel free to call me at 770-345-5102.  As always you are welcome to email me at

Opportunity Awaits your Curiosity

Check the Calendar for Upcoming Events With Brenda!

A Day of Readings
Inner Awakenings, 1650 Tate Road, Beautiful Blairsville, GA
706-374-0528 Call Karen Wilkins, Owner to schedule appt.

A Full Day of Readings with Brenda Staab (Check Back for Dates!)

There are two basic types of Readings: Mediumship and Channeled. 
Mediumship Readings are when I connect with your Loved Ones who have already crossed over. 
Channeled Readings are connecting to Guides and Guardian Angels for specific Guided advice.

These readings can be 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending on what you wish. We sit in a private space where we are comfortable, safe and secure. 
Costs are 30 min $45, 60 min $90 and 90 min is $150
I hope you’ll join me for a beautiful day in Blairsville! I love visiting this part of the country!

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