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Anna Palmer, RN

Holistic Practitioner


What is Dowsing and How Does It Work?


NOON - 1:30 PM


Presented by Anna Palmer RN, Holistic Health Practitioner


Dowsing is an art form that allows us to access information that already exists in the subconscious mind. It takes advantage of our innate connections to each other and to our world to bring subconscious knowing and awareness to the surface.


Tools aid the dowser to focus the powers of the mind to get the answers we are seeking. Muscle testing is one tool to aid the dowser; and the pendulum is another favorite tool that is easy to create and fun to use.


In this hands- on class we will :


Use Muscle Testing to get answers by ASKING

Use Muscle Testing to get answers by PRESENTING
Use a pendulum to dowse

Use a dowsing chart

Discover Six Questions to ask to get accurate answers while dowsing


Supplies needed for this class

A pendulum

(Inner Awakenings has some for sale if you don't have one!)

Any supplements you want to ‘test’

Your curiosity


See you there!

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