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Saturday, JULY 10, 2022

1:30PM - 4:30PM

Facilitated by Hope Merrill & Karen Wilkins

COST: $30

The Gift of the Horse is to present the hidden pieces of our heart in order

to reconnect on our journey toward fulfillment of our soul.

                      – Pooh, 2002



Horses Have An Incredible Way Of Teaching Us About Ourselves 


Facilitated by Hope Merrill and Karen Wilkins, this one-day workshop will allow you to experience the key components of equine therapy: connection, authenticity, and trust.  Working with Magic, our amazing Master Healer, and Molly his nurturing companion, this workshop will be facilitated in a group/gallery format with an opportunity for some workshop participants to experience engaging with a horse one-on-one. 


Horses Are Natural Healers

Horses have the instinctive gift of seeing and attuning to what is going on in our lives. From the moment we step into their presence, horses sense those feelings we keep private.
Horses remind us there is more to us than what we present to the outside world. Their unconditional acceptance and awareness of our experience is felt from the moment we step into their energy field. 

Horse Guided Life Transformation

When we partner with a horse, they are supporting us in removing the mask that may be covering up the essence of who we really are. When we step into a relationship space with them, horses immediately see our true nature – no matter what we have walked through in our lives.   Horses open a confidence building space to examine our behavioral, emotional, mental and spiritual beliefs and patterns. In essence, they can guide you in turning on your internal light.



This Workshop Is A Good Experience For You If… 

You’ve ever been curious about equine healing

Feel disconnected from yourself 

Want to foster deeper connections with others 

You want to grow your emotional intelligence and self-awareness   



This Workshop Will Help You…

Find attunement with yourself

Enhance self-esteem and emotional awareness

Foster connection with yourself and others 



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