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Karen Wilkins

Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master, LMT

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   APRIL 28th, 29th & 30th 2023

    9:30AM - 6:00 PM

   Cost: $ 55
($100 Deposit due by APRIL 14TH)
Facilitated by Karen Wilkins and Cynthia Campbell

Pre-requisite: Must have any style Reiki Level II to take this class!

Cynthia Campbell,

Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master

Holy Fire® III Reiki  Art/Master


This course includes both Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Training. You will be able to initiate students into all levels of Reiki including full Reiki master. The class is taught as the Usui/Holy Fire® III style of Reiki that is a combination of the Usui system as taught by Mrs. Takata, and a special Holy Fire® III style. The Usui and Holy Fire® III master symbols are included along with the Ocean of Holy Love and the Holy Love meditation experience, Holy Fire Healing Experience, Healing in the River of Life, the Reiki Grid and many additional techniques not usually taught by others. The training is intensive and very thorough. It includes lecture, discussion, demonstration and adequate practice time.  All Placements (same as attunements) and Ignitions are explained, demonstrated so that each student becomes confident in their use. This is an excellent class for those wanting to be Reiki masters as well as those Reiki masters who want to deepen their understanding of Reiki and increase the effectiveness of their Reiki energies. It is also an excellent class for those interested in self-healing and spiritual development.

This class is a deeply healing experience!

What to Bring:  Please bring water, a light healthy lunch/snacks, journal, crystals for our Reiki Grid if you wish. Wear comfortable clothing!

You must register by April 14th. Once registered you will receive materials to study before the class and receive further instructions!

Class is limited to 8 people!

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