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HeArt Healing 

Testimonial for HeArt Healing with Sara


'Here's the incredible thing.  It does remember you and it makes you remember too!


My painting is a huge gift to me reminding me to trust the information I get.  

It reminded me that the world is out there just waiting for me to step up to the plate.

Love this girl and her work. Wonderful'

Gretchen - Tucker, GA

Think....Light Healing In Color!

In a HeArt Healing session the healing power of light, energy, color, and texture is incorporated into a unique experience that results in an individual work of art that is created for you.  

You choose a textured 8x10 canvas (textures include Flowers, Herbs, Salts, etc.) that resonates with you which is completed during the session.


You'll  gently connect with the inner wisdom of your heart for self-healing  and expansion. 

Your painting holds the energy of the healing experience and will continue to expand with you.​​​

Art By Sara Cerny

Sara Cerny is taking appointments. If you wish to schedule an appointment please call 706-374-0528


HeArt Healing

$10 supplies cost + $1 per minute.  (Sessions last at least 30 minutes)


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