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Tammy Billups

The Emotional & Energetic

Well-Being of Animals

Sunday, June 25, 2017

1- 4 PM


Call to Pre-Register

(706) 374-0528

The emotional well-being of animals is an emerging field. How are we connected to our animal companions? Do these connections impact the health of both humans and animals? Can we deepen our connections to the benefit of both?

Tammy Billups, specialist on the relationship between animals and their people, reveals ground-breaking insights and guidance to help your animals heal from the inside out.

If you’re an animal lover, you already know animals have feelings and emotions. Their emotional wounds created from their experiences, if not healed, will show up as negative behaviors, like separation anxiety, and they can even manifest as physical issues.


More and more people are ready for a shift in consciousness around animals’ emotions… such that they’re feeling nudged to look at alternative treatments to help them heal…but they just don’t know where to start.

Speaking from the heart and soul of the matter, Tammy Billups will share progressive truths about your animals’ core emotional wounds that will forever change and enhance your relationships with your beloved companions.

This workshop will not only raise your awareness, it will enhance your relationship with them by giving you tools to help them heal their emotional wounds, ways to identify their messages more quickly… and activate a deeper soul connection with them. Then a deeper healing process to having less physical and emotional challenges can commence.

Tammy’s discoveries will inform, inspire and astonish all animal lovers.



Tammy Billups, author of the new book, Beyond the Fur, is a Certified Interface Therapist and Animal Energy Healer. After facilitating thousands of healing sessions nationwide, and numerous appearances on TV, radio shows and podcasts –including CNN’s The Daily Share, Primetime, & The Oprah Winfrey show--she is excited to share her insights and wisdom of the deeper connection between animals and the people who LOVE THEM.



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